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207 East 23rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5Y


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About Us

About Page Headshot is a curated space for showcasing a life full of travel, health, lifestyle and design incorporated into everyday life naturally, consciously and nomadically.  Created by founder Emily Payne as an Instagram account in 2015, Emily uses a variety of different platforms to share experiences, practices, spaces and products that have inspired the way she lives in hopes to connect with other like-minded people all around the world. Through her extensive travels Emily has found home in living out of a backpack in search of as many unique stories and cultures as possible. Naturally very independent and somewhat introverted Emily has done most of her travelling alone in hopes of branching out to meet new people and be able to take in all the experiences on her own at the same time. Emily currently works out of Vancouver, BC Canada with many more travel plans in the works, stay tuned to see where she'll be off to next! 

Little Nomad is a place of creativity and adventure, a place you can call home even if your on the road. It is a home for all, no matter what you seek, wish or only dream of - it is a space to feel connected to something larger than yourself, your town or what you may think your life may be. It is a place to think big and small, a place to express your true thoughts and a place to be heard. Little Nomad is for you & me and I hope you love it as much as I do - xx em.